Ashker’s Buffalo: Trending salad recipes you should know

Eating healthy is the new trend and we’d like for you to hop on the hype with delicious recipes you can enjoy. No more stale salads made with who knows what. There is no need to suffer with depressing-looking meals when you can have healthy and delicious salads.  Here at Ashker’s Buffalo, we offer you […]

Ashker’s: Common misconceptions about Veganism

When it comes to eating food, there are plenty of people who have their respective preferences. Some like to eat meat while others don’t and others allow themselves to eat dairy while others prefer to leave it out of their diets. Veganism in particular can receive all sorts of backlash when it comes to the […]

Ashker’s: Why should you go vegan?

Veganism is one of the few health movements that are becoming popular these days. According to an article published by The Economist in 2019, 25% of Americans aged 25 to 34 years old are switching to a vegan diet.  Some people do it out of moral obligation while others choose the vegan way to keep […]

Ashker’s: Simple ways to stick to a healthy diet

Deciding to suddenly switch to a healthy diet is easy. We’ve all been there! What’s difficult is maintaining a healthy diet and sticking to it. To help you keep your health conviction strong, we have collected some of the tips recommended by our dieticians. Check them out below and be on top of your health […]

Our vegan menu at Ashker’s 

Eating healthy food is one of the most important things in life because it balances nutrition and fitness. However, eating healthy food does not necessarily mean that it is bland or unenjoyable. All you need is the right ingredients and knowledge on how to put all of these elements together to make a tasty dish.  […]

Ashker’s: Eating healthily for a better lifestyle

Eating a balanced diet is harder than it seems. You need an enormous amount of discipline to live healthily and keep your body in the best shape possible. It’s not enough to cut back on junk food and other unhealthy snacks. There is a need for you to reassess your eating habits and transition to […]