Eating healthy food is one of the most important things in life because it balances nutrition and fitness. However, eating healthy food does not necessarily mean that it is bland or unenjoyable. All you need is the right ingredients and knowledge on how to put all of these elements together to make a tasty dish. 

This is where we at Ashker’s come into the picture. It has always been our goal to serve clients all over the world and let them know that vegan food is healthy, delicious and beneficial for your body and the environment as well. To help you get started, take a look at the vegan menu items we offer at our restaurant: 

Vegetable Biryani Fried Rice

You can never truly go wrong with a good serving of fried rice. The dish is homey, delicious and has a lot of benefits for a person and their general health. To make this dish, we use a variety of Indian spices and cook it up with some authentic Biryani rice grains. 

A cilantro and milk chutney is the star of this dish because it adds flavour to the rice and texture to the overall meal. A burst of flavours will take your taste buds on a journey to India even when you are right here in our restaurant at Ashker’s. It can even be eaten on its own or as a pair with some of our other vegan dishes. 

Roasted Cauliflower 

Cauliflower is a simple yet incredibly versatile ingredient. You can do lots with it including a roasted dish that will make you feel warm and leave our restaurant with a full belly. Our roasted cauliflower is baked to perfection with several spices and served in a skillet perfect for multiple people.

To make the dish even better, you can add tahini sauce to give it that extra kick. One bite of this will send you straight to cauliflower heaven. Have this dish as a main course or a side and see why vegans adore using cauliflower for different recipes. 

Spaghetti and Beetballs 

It comes as no secret that pasta is one of the great joys in life and there are lots of versions around the world, the most popular being the spaghetti and meatballs combo. Well, just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this iconic meal. We at Ashker’s ensure that you can try it for yourself! 

We make our version of this dish with spaghetti noodles, tomato sauce, basil, onions and of course beets. The beets are mixed with other ingredients to turn into a beautiful meat-like mixture. This is then fried up in a pan and mixed with the pasta before serving. 

Broccoli Cheddar Soup 

There is no denying that soup is one of the most important appetizers in the world, with various countries having their own twist on it. If you are looking for a vegan alternative and would like to try something different, then our Broccoli Cheddar soup is an excellent option. 

This dish is made with vegan Daiya cheddar along with broccoli, cashews, yeast and peppers. You will find that it is hearty and the perfect remedy to a cold and tiring day. 

Chipotle Portobello Tacos

The combination of soft tortilla bread and various vegetables and protein comes in the form of a taco. This iconic Mexican dish is reinvented for vegans thanks to our Chipotle Portobello Tacos. Instead of the typical ground meat, we use portobello mushrooms instead. 

This dish is incredibly tasty and uses a bunch of yummy ingredients such as cilantro, pickled onions, refried beans and lime. While the portobello mushrooms are the star, the tortilla bread brings everything together, making it easy to eat. 

Vegan Poke Bowl 

When people hear about poke bowls, the first thing that they think about is sushi or ingredients like tuna and salmon. While this Japanese-inspired dish is certainly iconic, it also offers a lot in terms of vegan flavours. Our version of the poke bowl at Ashker’s uses beet slices on top of wheat soba noodles. 

We also use other ingredients such as soy sauce, vinegar, cilantro, ginger, lime juice, avocado and sesame seeds. All of these are turned into a delicious marinade and tossed with the soba noodles and the beet slices. 

Vegan Pasta Alfredo 

Another excellent pasta dish is the creamy alfredo, but you don’t really need ingredients like chicken or cheese to turn it into the iconic dish people know and love. We at Ashker’s use other ingredients such as blended cashews or hemp seeds, onion, garlic, organic miso paste, pasta noodles and sauteed mushrooms. 

All of these ingredients are mixed together to make a creamy sauce. To top it all off, we add sauteed mushrooms in truffle oil to add some extra flavour to the dish. As a result, you get a creamy and ridiculously tasty dish that can be enjoyed for every occasion. Order it as a single serving here at Ashker’s or a whole tray for a bigger party! 

Vegan Ratatouille 

For those who love the Pixar and Walt Disney movie Ratatouille, you might have seen an iconic dish that the film is named after. Well, we at Ashker’s are happy to say that we also offer it here in our restaurant. We use ingredients such as tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, zucchini and eggplant. 

The ingredients are chopped and put into a sheet pan together before being seasoned and baked. Ingredients like balsamic vinegar, capers, pecorino and olive oil all add delicious flavours to the dish. One bite of it will make you want to have this healthy and tasty dish all the time! 

Vegan Miso Ramen 

You might have heard that ramen is one of the most popular dishes in the world. Not only is it an iconic dish in Japan, but people are going nuts for it. Well, vegans can also enjoy a different version of this dish here at Ashker’s. We use ingredients such as scallions, sesame seeds, bok choy, miso paste, tofu mushrooms and noodles. 

Cooked to perfection, all of these ingredients are prepped and tossed together. This is the perfect meal to have if you are craving some noodle soup after a cold and tiring day. Try it for yourself and enjoy a hearty yet filling meal. 

Why you should go vegan

With all the different recipes that we have to offer here at Ashker’s, you can be sure that trying vegan options will be beneficial for you. Get a better idea of why you should go vegan in the section below: 

Practice having a healthier diet 

The first reason why you should consider going vegan is that it helps you maintain a healthier diet. People nowadays consume fatty dishes that have high cholesterol and calories, which can be delicious at first but harmful in the long run. The concept behind a vegan lifestyle is to help you towards a better diet for your body. 

When you go vegan, your diet is also balanced. It is a misconception that vegans do not get the nutrients they need because some of these can be found in meat or dairy products. There are lots of yummy and healthy substitutes for these, all you have to do is explore a little bit and try a bunch of dishes here at Ashker’s. 

Prevents future medical conditions

Another reason why you should go vegan is that it cares for your body and prevents medical problems in the future. As people get older, they can get illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis or more. Little do they know that the chances of getting these illnesses can be reduced when you eat healthier food. 

If you transition to a vegan lifestyle, you can be sure that your physical health can take a turn for the best. The results might not be seen as soon as possible, but you have so many benefits to expect for your physical and mental health. If you think about it, going vegan is also an investment for your future. 

About Ashker’s 

We at Ashker’s believe that people are deserving of having delicious and healthy vegan food. It is our goal to destroy the stigma behind vegan food and hopefully convince other people to transition into a similar lifestyle as well. Not only is it good for you, but it is beneficial for the environment as well. 

If you would like to know more about us and the food that we have to offer, give us a call! You can reserve a table anytime you want and even rent out the restaurant for special events. Feel free to check out our website as well and get an advanced look into our menu. We look forward to seeing you here soon! 

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