Deciding to suddenly switch to a healthy diet is easy. We’ve all been there! What’s difficult is maintaining a healthy diet and sticking to it. To help you keep your health conviction strong, we have collected some of the tips recommended by our dieticians. Check them out below and be on top of your health with Ashker’s!

Drink water and other calorie-free beverages

People often confuse thirst with hunger and that is the reason why they break their diet and fall into the rabbit hole of eating unhealthy foods. Before you start opening your bag of chips, remember to drink plenty of water first or have a glass of juice. Not only would drinking help you satisfy your sudden need for food, but it will also keep you hydrated. 

Select your nighttime snacks wisely

Most of our bad decisions in our diet happen during nighttime when your body is already relaxed and ready to munch down on a delicious meal while watching TV. If you are not confident in your ability to prevent overeating during nighttime, then select snacks that are low in calories as well as fat. 

Enjoy your favourite foods

Diet isn’t about preventing yourself from enjoying the foods you love, it is all about keeping things moderate. Instead of buying a whole box of chocolate, purchase only one bar and keep the rest of your groceries healthy. 

Eat small portions several times a day 

There are times that in our haste to eat, our stomach doesn’t even realise that it is already full, which results in overeating. The best thing to do about this is to eat small portions of food at a time to give your body enough time to digest what you ate. By practising this tip, you can also develop better control of your appetite.  

Eat protein in every meal

Protein-rich foods are one of the best meals to make your body feel full faster. Additionally, protein can help you preserve muscle mass and encourage your body to burn fat faster. 

Spice up your foods 

Flavourful foods tend to be more satisfying than slightly seasoned foods. This results in your body being satisfied faster, which reduces your chances of overeating. 

Keep your kitchen full of healthy foods 

The desire to eat can be hard to quench at times. If you have to eat, then we recommend surrounding yourself with healthy foods with reduced calories and fats. Don’t purchase foods you know are not healthy for you, this will prevent you from being tempted to eat meals that are not in your diet plan. 

Order small portions at restaurants 

Ordering small portions of food in restaurants is an excellent way to cut your calories. Moreover, it gives you more control over how much you are going to eat.

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