Eating healthy is the new trend and we’d like for you to hop on the hype with delicious recipes you can enjoy. No more stale salads made with who knows what. There is no need to suffer with depressing-looking meals when you can have healthy and delicious salads. 

Here at Ashker’s Buffalo, we offer you countless healthy options and recipes to improve your lifestyle and diet. Check them all out below and enjoy a new way to stay healthy with Ashker’s Buffalo

Avocado Caprese salad 

This delicious avocado Caprese has all the classic flavours of your favourite tomato salad with the added taste of mildly creamy avocado. This recipe has a rather sweet and tangy taste due to the balsamic vinegar dressing. To give a pop of colour and a refreshingly minty taste, avocado Caprese salad has added fresh basil and capers.

Cucumber vinegar salad 

This is the ultimate salad for refreshing afternoon meals. Cucumber and vinegar create the perfect balance of flavours giving both sour and sweet tastes to your salad. For an added refreshing taste, you can also sprinkle dill on the dish. If the flavour isn’t enough for you, you can also add red onions to the mix. What’s amazing about this recipe is that you can store it in the fridge and dig it right up again once you feel like eating a deliciously healthy snack. 

Mache and chicken salad with honey-tahini dressing 

Light, sweet and slightly salty is the way to go with this salad recipe. To create this masterpiece, you need to find a tender mache at your local market and mix it with frozen or fresh peas. You can then add chicken as well as pepper and salt for seasoning. 

Sesame kohlrabi and chicken salad 

Kohlrabi is a delicious vegetable usually associated with Brussels sprouts and broccoli. This vegetable has a distinctly sweet and mild flavour that works wonderfully with almonds. For added taste, you can also sprinkle some protein into the mix and add chicken or shrimp. 

Garlicky grilled steak and kale salad 

Okay, maybe you’re not ready for a full green recipe and you still want that flavourful taste of meat on your meal. This salad is a good way to start. Mix your delicious steak with lots of garlic and lemon then top it all off with tarragon vinaigrette. You can even add in a few homemade croutons for that extra crunch. 

Wild rice salad with Arugula Pesto  

Whir your arugula leaves with pesto and sprinkle it with some pepper for added taste. Prepare this mouthwatering salad with rice, crumbled feat, cherry tomatoes and crushed toasted pine nuts for a deliciously crunchy taste. 

Crab salad 

Nothing can be better than a deliciously fresh and creamy crab salad sitting on top of crunchy lettuce. This appetizing dish has a perfectly balanced taste of clean, creamy, sour and sweet. It is often combined with pepper and celery for an added crunch. For a tangier taste, you can also sprinkle it with lemon and herbs. 

Collard green salad with peanut vinaigrette 

This recipe is created by an award-winning chef so you can be sure that the taste would be divine. To create this tasty salad, you need to mix raw green collar with peanut vinaigrette, lime juice, fish sauce and ginger. Lastly, fresh kale will work well with the mix to a tangy and clean taste.  

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