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wholefood + fresh ingredients, prepared with care. ALL of our food and drinks are made without the use of refined oils or sugar

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Ashker’s: Eat healthily and get rewarded!

You only have one chance in life so make it count by keeping your body healthy. Here at Ashker’s, we got the perfect recipe created by a team of professional dieticians to help you build a balanced meal. Get to know more about our website below: 

All about Ashker’s: Your vegan destination 

If you are looking for healthy pre-made food delivered right at your doors, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Ashker’s we offer the healthiest ready-made food options because we value your health and well-being. 

Unlike other ready-made food brands out there, we can guarantee that our products are organic whole foods harvested from pesticide-free farms. Every meal prepared in Ashker’s is made with zero preservatives, artificial ingredients or herbicides to ensure that you will get nothing but the best for your diet. 

Find your flavour in our changing range of delicious seasonal meals available in single, lite and family sizes. Place an order for your meal plan and let us take care of your health for you! 

Why chose Ashker’s? 

According to researchers, a wholefood plant-based diet is the most optimum meal to improve human health. Additionally, it is also the most sustainable option. This means that going vegan for your diet is good not just for you but for the environment as well. 

Along with the benefits above, the meals we prepare in Ashker’s are also proven to be effective in managing, treating and reversing some of the most common modern lifestyle diseases including autoimmune conditions, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. 

Even celebrities and worldwide athletes are even adopting a plant-based diet to help them maintain their body’s performance and aid in repairing and recovering torn muscles from extensive use. 

Meals designed based on your lifestyle 

Here at Ashker’s, we don’t just serve your healthy meals, we also make sure that each dish fits your lifestyle and would provide you with the necessary vitamins and minerals that you need to excel in your everyday activities. 

We use an evidence-based approach in designing the perfect meal to help you meet your fitness goal as well as maintain your daily nutrient requirement. Whether you’re here to improve your health, lose weight or change your diet, we have the perfect meal plan laid out for you. Check out some of our sample meal plans below: 

Detoxifying meal plan 

This meal plan focuses on plant-based whole foods that are nutrient-dense to help you effectively cleanse your body from toxins while also nourishing your cell to prevent future diseases. 

Weight loss meal plan

This meal plan is designed to safely restrict your calorie intake while helping you meet your daily nutrient requirements. Each meal is rich in vitamins to help your body build the required energy to keep you active.